SI-Flex All Weather 15Ltrs

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All Weather Colour Coating

Formulated to be applied in low temperatures, enabling you to protect external walls with a hard-wearing, weather-resistant surface at any time of the year.

Si-Flex All Weather is a PLIOLITE® smooth wall coating that provides an external decorative and protective finish. As well as being hard-wearing and long-lasting, Si-Flex All Weather can be applied even at temperatures as low as -5 ̊C and is shower proof within twenty minutes.

As well as providing protection for up to 10 years, Si-Flex All Weather is designed to look good too, with a wide choice of colours available.

Preparation and Application

Si-Flex All Weather is suitable to use on a variety of external substrates including brickwork, cement and rendering. It can be applied easily by brush, roller or spray on clean and dry surfaces, which are free from contamination. Algal or fungal deposits should be removed by power washing and then treated with Fungicidal Wash. It is important that damp or wet walls should not be coated and any broken rainwater downspouts, guttering and coping stones should be repaired before proceeding. Surfaces must be free from dirt, oil, dust, chalk and friable material. However, soundly adhering render with a friable surface should be pretreated with a Stabilising Primer and cracks filled with an approved sealant.

PLIOLITE® is a registered trademark of Eliokem