Polycoat 10 High Build – 16Kg

£140.24 +VAT

Polycoat 10 benefits

• Cold liquid application – no hot works
• Safe and easy to apply
• Water repellent immediately after application
• Permanently elastomeric
• 10 year lifetime
• UV stable and resistant to substrate movement • Available in Grey



What does it do?

Polycoat 10 instantly waterproofs flat roofs with a smooth, rubber finish; giving a tough, flexible and elastic coating with exceptional durability and life expectancy of 10 years.

Where can it be used?

Polycoat 10 can be used as a one coat, single use solution on a variety of roofs, including: flat roofs, pitched roofs, weathered asphalt and bituminous surfaces. It is also ideal
on concrete, brickwork, felt and metal. It is ideally suited for refurbishing and waterproofing worn and damaged substrates on roofing areas.